Other Test Equipment

• High Voltage Test Station

    – Test set up to test module leakage currents and ground connectivity of the module frame.

• EVA Gel Content Test Station

    – Complete Test set up to test the cross link of processed EVA in a PV module.

• Ribbon Peel Test Station

    – Test station to determine the solder ability strength of the ribbon on the PV cell, determining the quality of the stringer soldering process.

• Back-sheet Adhesion Test Station

    – Test station to determine the pull strength of the laminated backsheet. To the glass, measured in Newton.

• Impulse Voltage Test Station

    – Test ensuring the electrical safety of the module according to IEC 61730 is the impulse voltage test. There, the complete module is wrapped in a conductive foil in contact with the complete surface of the module. Then an electrical surge pulse of defined shape and amplitude is fed in-between the surface and the inner circuitry of the module.

• Diode Test Station

    – The diode test is part of the IEC 61215 and is done to test the reliability of the bypass diodes used in PV modules. Basically, it reveals the characteristic of the diode when high temperatures are involved. The system consists of test rig, power supply, heating device and evaluation devices.

• Reverse Current Test Station

    – The reverse current test is intended to ensure that the module can withstand potential reverse currents that might occur in PV power generators. For this test the PV module will be energized with 1,35 x the reverse current.

• IR Measurement Station

    – The heart of this test station is a high resolution infrared camera. Infrared cameras are an important means to support the analysis of test results. Infrared images can be performed by energization of the module in a dark room or by illumination in the sun. Both procedures are can detect different defects in the module design.

• UV Measurement Station

    – UV sensors are essential for measurement detection of the correct UV-A and UV-B amount of total UV irradiation. According to the standard IEC 61215 the ratio of each wavelength range has to be measured and the irradiation has to be logged during the test to determine the sum of irradiation.

• Outdoor Test Station

    – The outdoor test station is one of the most essential parts of the overall test strategy. It is intended to conduct the outdoor test required by IEC 61215 and IEC 61646. Given the good prevailing conditions in Riyadh, other tests, which in other labs have to be done using a steady state simulator, can here be conducted outdoors.  The essential test set ups, such as dual axis tracker or fixed mounting structures, are available for both PV and CPV modules.

– In addition PV module tests can be conducted under real live environmental conditions throughout the year.