The laboratory is located approximately 35Km northwest of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The facility is located on a 2.5m2 area called “Solar Village”.  The inside lab footprint is approximately 625m2, with no limits for expansions.

A significant amount of area at Solar Village is dedicated to outdoor testing. It will be very essential, besides doing accelerated environmental tests, to be able to perform real-life tests with products exposed to local environmental conditions. The outside test area already includes tracking capability for PV and CPV modules and has limitless options for expandability.

The fully functional tracking structure of the previous CPV field has been partially retrofitted to accept current PV modules and can be operated as zero-, one- or two-axis tracking devices and open to all options for generating comparative module data in reference to the environment.



The PVLAB equipment is located in a space that complies with the IEC test procedures and will be the base for the accreditation process.

Although most of the equipment exceeds the required IEC test specifications, some of the equipment has been designed specifically to extend the limits of the IEC test specifications, simulating the real requirements for harsher environments as they exist in the region.

That equipment is:

• Thermal Cyclic Chamber (Fast), accelerated tests of desert temperature cycles.

• Sand Spray Chamber, simulating sand storm environment

• Salt Mist and Corrosion Chamber, tested at elevated temperatures

• Ammonia Chamber, for farm environments

• Mechanical Load Tester, with fast dynamic load test

• High Resolution Electro Luminescence Tester, for deep PV cell analysis

• PV Module Flash Tester, LED light source – AAA class

• CPV Module Flash Tester, highly collimated light sources, heated module test bed